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Lessons in Mid-Crash (9/01)
Linux in the midst of the dot-com pileup on the IPO highway

Whose hand is that in your pocket? (7/01)
What Microsoft is really up to with Hailstorm

Journalism 2.0 (6/01)
How weblogs bring journalism into the bazaar

Adjusting to Life in the Bazaar (5/01)
Looking for margins in open source business models

The New Vernacular (4/01)
A civilized angle on building infrastrucute

Return of the Bazaar (3/01)
Reality delivers the best clues

A Talk with Tim O'Reilly (2/01)
Reality delivers the best clues

The Morlock Market (1/01)
An appreciation of command line computing

The End of the Tube (11/00)
Why TV-induced narcosis is a terminal condition

Let Freedom Ping (11/00)
Why hackers and consumers are different animals

The New Radio (10/00)
Why Napster and Gnutella beg a tip jar payment system

The Next Bang (9/00)
The explosive combination of Embedded Linux, XML and Instant Messaging

Myster (9/00)
In the crossloading world, radio gets personal

The Shrinking Subject (8/00)
Of Microsoft and metaphors

Uncollapsing Open Source Distinctions (8/00 Linux Journal)
A Conversation with Craig Burton

The Message (7/00)
Jabber and open source instant messaging

Kill Fair (6/00)
The untold difference between combative and competitive companies

Contrarian Thoughts on the Microsoft Ruling (5/00)
An earlier version of Kill Fair, above (from the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.)

It's an Industry! (5/00)
Conversations with Brian Behlendorf and Bernie Thompson on their open source development markets

The Patent Series

Now What? (1/00)
More questions about the AOL Time Warner deal

Consume This (1/00)
AOL Time Warner and real market value

Running the Numbers (1/00)
Where those "objective" figures come from, and why Linux needs them.

Tale of Two Markets (12/99)
Weighing the implications of Borland's developer survey.

Comdex Revisited (11/99)
Geeks starred at Linux Business Expo at the Hilton.

Hacking an Industry (11/99)
The software business isn't just about suppliers any more.

Conversation: Can Slashmeat be Far Behind? (8/99)
Doc interviews CmdrTaco and Scoop at Linux World Expo.

The New Building Trade (7/99)
Who's going to build the new software industry? Clue: it won't be the big vendors.

The Linux Position (7/99)
A different angle on Linux' fit in the world.

Cheap Talk (6/99)
Why Open Source and silence don't mix.

In Their Own Words (6/99)
Open Source gurus hold forth in a terrific new book from O'Reilly.

How far from Prime Time?
A Conversation with Craig Burton about Business Prospects for Linux

It's an Industry (5/99)
Interviews with Brian Behlendorf of sourceXchange and Bernie Thompson of

Now What? (4/99)
Why the real battle is between humanity and the wrong business metaphor.

The Other Shoe (3/99)
First the Net. Now the OS. Soon it'll all be free. But will The Rest of Us use it?

AOL Scape (11/98)
John Doerr fixes the Netscape Problem. Now what can Mozilla do? We have some ideas.

Flack Jacket:
Thinking past marketing

The retailer's advantage
A Q&A about retailing to networked markets

The Good Doctor
Remembering my late, and quite great, uncle

Listen Up
Why the real battle is between humanity and the wrong business metaphor

The Web is not TV
Why there is no market for messages on the Web — from David Strom's Web Informant

BuzzPhraser is Back!
Create "management inference solutions" with one click

Shoveling Push
WIRED wants to fertilize your inner potato

When push becomes shove
How the mainstream media miss the boat on 'push' technologies

Smithing a Practical Site
Keeping the medium from slowing down the message.

The New Marcom Game
How the Internet rewrites the rules of marketing communications.

Broadsmith, Go Home
Why broadcast thinking won't work on the Web

Censoring the Uncensorable
Compuserve capitulates to the impossible

What's the Object? The Problem With TechnoLatin
Cajun-oriented cuisines and dogs that support barking.

Auf Wiersolution
Can't anybody neologize around here?

The Problem With PR
Ever wonder why they don't give a Pulitzer for press releases?

Bloomberg Business Radio
Who needs ratings when your medium is 100% effective?

Color commentary on positive sum games

It's the story, stupid
Don't let presentation software keep you from getting your story across

Betting on Darwin, Part 1: Releasing the Source
Marc Andreessen and Tom Paquin on Netscape's Open Source strategy

Betting on Darwin, Part 2: Watching the Muck
Marc Andreessen and Tom Paquin on the same strategy, one month later

The New Character of Positioning
Where you come from matters more than where you're going

The Servant
Marketing 101, and why Microsoft gets busted for practicing it

The Steve Story
Killing the Mac's cloners was about Steve Jobs's Art, not technology (published in DaveNet)

Messing With Bill
Overdrive misses the real Microsoft story

Make Money, Not War
Time to move past the war metaphors of the industrial age

A Bulldozer Through The Intersection
Craig Burton on the new meaning Netscape gives to the word "open"

The Man Behind the Bulldozer's Wheel
An interview with Netscape's Eric Hahn

New Laws of a New Nature
The game here is enterprise, not politics.

Microsoft + Netscape: The Real Story
Why the press needs to snap out of its war-coverage trance

The Web and the New Reality
What are we making with all these places we call "home?"

By George, He's Got It!
George Gilder compares Web Culture to Book Culture

How Apple Can Win
Getting the world's worst oompah band to play better blues.

Toward a world where monopoly is not the name of the game.

A Tale of Two Companies
Polyopoly lessons in the ruins of ivory towers.

Thoughts from the wings of the next stage

Why markets will once again consist of people
A speech on the 50th anniversary of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, in Lucerne

Make Money, Not War
Let's dump industrial age metaphors before they kill us all.

Ordinary Miracles
Start your day with Comet Hale-Bopp.

Footprints of Whitman
From his deathless orbit, the poet still speaks to the body and soul.

Thoughts on Information
Defining "Information Age" before it gets too old."

Time to Grow Up
Entering an age when "it's ours" gets you more than "it's mine."

Accidental Lessons
Reflections on the Challenger Tragedy.

Remembering Freedom
Did we really care about democracy on the web for just one day?

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