Picture Gallery for NYC WiFi Boom feature and its sidebars
2003memwknd_330 2003memwknd_24 2003memwknd_23 2003memwknd_430 nycwireless_05
Signals from apartment Kurt, wi-fi docent Will squat for waves Compare & Contrast: A Compare & Contrast: B
cornercast_screenshot1 frontal1 bass_and_bike boombox 2003memwknd_276
City Hall Park screenshot Boom-Box frontal Boom-Box & Bike Boom-Box innards Ahmi Wolf
2003memwknd_327 2003memwknd_48 2003memwknd_302 2003memwknd_371 nycwireless_22
Steve Lewis & Ahmi Wolf Steve catching waves
in Stuyvesant Town
Terry Schmidt Soekris board NYCwireless meeting
nycwireless_15 nycwireless_18 pub2pub nycwireless_11 2003memwknd_381
Britt Blaser &
Drazen Pantic
Britt Blaser &
Drazen Pantic
Drazen's drawing Bway.net serves
the street
Gabriel Mino & Zaurus/
Linux/wi-fi hack
doc_in_city_hall_park 2003memwknd_437 2003memwknd_440 2003memwknd_441 bryantpark_screenshot
doc in city hall park.jpg Bryant Park Bryant Park kiosk Antennas on kiosk Bryant Park
splash screen
2003memwknd_447 2003memwknd_450
Find the signals The far Verizon

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